Sophomore Album

Austyn’s sophomore album “High Ambitions, Low Self-Esteem” is filled with a variety of musical and lyrical styles.

Songs like “Rain on My Parade” and “Forever Changing” have more of a modern reggae vibe, while “Negative People” portrays a bluesy feeling.

Austyn says that the lyrics “somebody please tell me why the street is just one way” in the song “Rain on My Parade” is expressing his grief towards one-track minds.

On the song “Just A Kid”, “the KUSH girls text me and said they really wanted me to come on their morning show promoting local artists and I was shocked because I’m just a kid, and that is what sparked the song when I said “just a kid””.

The mellow song “Some Day” expresses the story of a log burning away. Austyn says “Some Day is about a person either losing their passion, or dying all together. I wrote that song sitting by a fire watching the logs burn away”.

“Happy Song” is my pick-me-up song Austyn explains “I wrote Happy Song simply because my mom told me to”. Austyn continues “I had just wrote the song “Lost” and I played it for my mom, after she listened to it she said to me “Austyn you need to write a happy song” so sarcastically I did just that. It was so catchy that I ended up putting it on the record, it is also one of the most fun songs to play live!”

Overall Austyn Moffat’s sophomore album “High Ambitions, Low Self-Esteem” will take you through a roller coaster of emotions, much like life does.

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